When I started to write this blog, I had to create also a Website (thanks Raquel for you wonderful work!!!)…  And so I asked to my students to write a few words or sentences about the classes, me and so on. I received one that really touched me and so I decided it to put it in my blog…  Here it is:

Annik, 55 (course inspired by the Salimpour methodology on Saturday morning at Pin)

Hello, I tell you a little my story and my feelings.

I am a very beginner student in the Salimpour Methodology ….

Here 6 years ago I made my debut in classical belly dance at Myalis for 1 year, and I had to stop for health reasons and move …

Returning to the region, I went back to classical (choreographic) classes with Myalis. Because of a concern with my professional schedule, Myalis offered me to follow the courses inspired by the “Salimpour” technique that took place on Saturday morning. 

She did not hesitate to tell me that it was quite another thing and that it was hard enough and, frowning, she explained to me in two words: “squats – drills – combo – theory and other strangeness” 

For my little head, I thought: ” What ??? All that to dance …?! ” But I felt it! Finally, I could try …

And Youpie! Only happiness and “hard work” for two hours. …it rhymes ! I am glad !

I discovered … .. an art of dancing or rather “a complete sport” !!!! Not only my muscles, but also my mind are sorely used! I explain to you in my words: Drills and Squats, exercises that … contribute to the automation of different movements in order to be able to simultaneously perform movements with other parts of the body …… “To work with layers and… zills ! “says our Prof!

So it serves to dance, to be “more beautiful, more flexible, more graceful”, because we understand what we do!

And that’s not all ! We must also learn from the “Suhaila theory”: we must tame with a language codified in English! No, do not run away, stay: you just have to pedal for about ten hours (or more, according to your IQ mdr) and then the swim comes slowly !!!

And as if that were not enough, our teacher adds to us at times funny little metal sticks to the fingers: zills … musical instruments! 123 1 123 1 123 What???

Hihi, do not worry, everything is explained and exercised.

The music chosen by Marjo for our choruses is always carefully studied according to our level/s.

For me personally, any Oriental music or fusion is superb.

Despite the beautiful mirrors, I do not always see myself well … but my teacher told me that in 3 months I had made good progress 😊 😉

Yes, we sweat during classes, we drink … water, but we feel so good after … Full of endomorphins in the head.

During classes, rigor is the rule, but … we also laugh a lot, we chat, we whisper at the break … All this, always respecting the other because we find ourselves between young, old, even older, thin, round and without complex or at the same time our complexes disappear or subside ….

We discover a strange little world in this beautiful loft decorated oriental, all these “women a thousand and one night for two hours …”

Yalla Habibi Boum … Our Prof, Marjo, endowed with a whole character, passionate, perfectionist, always thirsty for knowledge and impatient to teach us more and more … She is so, our Marjo!

she also teaches us the history of bellyl dance, the different steps of dance, the similarities with other dance art … she communicates us her thirst to learn, to go to see on the internet, where to find document. .

During the many stages, she sometimes calls on a musician who accompanies us with her Darbouka … Awesome!

Always listening to us, she communicates us every week, via private group on Facebook and other networks: combos, exercises, drills to do, music, videos of her choreo or videos of us practising (ggrrr), so that we can train on our own, at home, and progress …. Finally, we are supposed to do it.

This technique known as “hard” with nevertheless the sweet name of “Suhaila”, makes me better understand how to chain the different movements that make up a Combo and then finally results in an owl Choreo … oriental, fusion or tribal … ..

But I … I am not far away in this magical world, unlike my co-pupils who already participate in fairy-tale shows!

I invite you to come and discover this wonderful world …. Thank you for having read me.

Ps. I have fibromyalgia syndrome … and “this art of dance” makes me crazy for everything!

Kisses …. And…. perhaps soon !