Why , when you are already training hard on drills, choreo, projects – should you take Skype Private Class???

That was my question a few weeks ago!
Now I know deeply that this is a truely part of theĀ Suhaila Salimpour‘s Format!

First I chose someone which is a powerful but also sensitive dancer that I really admire
A person who is at the highest levels in the format and who I know will ask the most of me
A person who I take as an example when she is dancing and drilling, through her technique but also through her emotional approach
A person that I trust
So I choseĀ Abigail

Then I fixed with her the appointments… when I am alone and free of everything

Now I have had only 3 skype lessons but they were so meaningful for me.
Because of the things that we approached, and in the way we did it!

The first one was a lot about the Suhaila Level 3: the impro sets, LDom, stamina through choreos, personal organization, challenges and projects, personal fears…
It was really motivating to have Abby just for me for an hour (lililiiiii)… and our discussion really pushed me forward.

For the second one, I had to send her a record of the L3FCDS… so frightenning for me!!!
I decided to send 2: one a week before on stage and one the evening before the Skype lesson.
Again the hour was so rich: technically, humanly, emotionally…
Her feedback is so precise: she sees every details, she sees you and she sees inside you!
The one hour look like one minut: I have now some many things to pay attention to but in a very positive and challenging way!

So why do you have to take a Skype private lesson when you are already working a lot… just because you have to… for your Dance, your Body and your Mind.
Because it’s important to have a check up and someone’s eyes on you that is qualified and can guide you in the program.

I can’t wait for the next one!


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