How and when this story filled with passion (oh yes !!!!), love (a lot), hatred (sometimes ah ah), challenge (constantly), frustration (often), motivation (what a madness), surpassing oneself (every moment), doubts (every day), has really started?

It has become so much an integral part of my Life, of me that I do not even remember having lived without it… without Her!  It’s worse or better than a drug: the more you do it … the more you want, the more you suffer, the more you are ecstatic!

This meeting that really changed my life as a Woman but also as a Wife, a Mom and a Business Woman, I owe it to a wonderful dancer whom I respect and admire enormously Maelle !

But let’s return a little before Maëlle launched me in this adventure!
The first time I heard about Suhaila Salimpour was during a discussion with other dancers.
The words that remain to me are: army, sweat, pumps, abdominal, difficult, etc. They only talked about exercises’s difficulty by going around in circles for hours without really understanding what they had to do with the different parts of their body, why they did that… and especially why, during these workshop, they did not dance !

It was there: my curioist was stung to the quick!  Accustomed to challenges and stress in my work, I wanted to know more and take up this challenge.  Moreover, I had just opened my school of dance and I really wanted to differentiate myself from other classes where the methodology was: “copy the movements of a so-called teacher without having any explanation on their realization”. I had the feeling that it was possible to teach belly dance with a structure, a history, a philosophy, in short: a Vision.
I do not like to do things like the others, so I decided to try!

During an workshop with Jilina in February 2010, I met Maëlle who was  already completely bitten by this technique. Simply hearing her speaking gave me envy. She was already well advanced in technique and had the kindness to lend me a DVD so I can taste it directly!

I was in!
Sitting in my living room, I was trying hard to stay in straddle sit and imitate the movements of these buttocks … After a few minutes, I was sweating and completely lost, irritated, frustrated … asking me why I was inflicting me this. Was I not happy with my students and my simple combos?
No, I could not stay on such a failure. So I bought on the web the  “Fitness Fusion”DVD’s …
My decision was taken: I was going to register for a level 1 workshop.

June 2011, I was participating in my 1st Suhaila Level 1, organised by Maelle.  I passed the exam (still not understanding how I succeed!!!) and got my SL1 on June 26, 2011. YEAHHHHHHHHH

Reading this makes you wanting to lear more about the Salimpourschool?
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Maëlle’s website