Another magnificent encounter with one of the icons of the Salimpour family – again thanks to Maëlle -: Sabriye. November 2011… the first time I met Sabriye who really impressed through her technique, her style, her explanations, her emperament so sweet and soothing (exactly my opposite uhhhhhhh !).

I learned – without knowing it – my first choreography in technique Suhaila … and the result was far from being the one expected. Watching me dancing this choreography reminds me how long the path is and the investment is intense! Never give up even if you think you’re the worst dancer in the universe.  I have still a lot of progress to make but today, I am more in competition with myself and my fears than with others…  That is also one of the multiple benefits of living through this technique!!!
Here is Sabriye dancing this beautiful choreography…

Today, I would like to learn again this choreography thanks to online courses … and see the evolution in my technique but also in the interpretation. Perhaps, one day, I will post on my Tube Channel a video of me performing it (what a challenge, next to Sabriye’s one!)

Link to Sabriye’s Website